Spring Trends

Jada Jones
25 Feb , 2019

Who's excited for warm weather, blooming flowers, and bright green leaves on trees? ME TOO! I'm actually ecstatic, not only for the warm weather, but for the SPRING fashion trends. 

I've been keeping a close eye on a few trends that aren't going away any time soon.  So I'm finally ready to stick my toe in and test the waters. Here are some trends that I think we all should rock in our own unique way. These trends aren’t actually ‘new’, they’ve been around for a while now but, I’m finally jumping on the bandwagon.


First, bulky gym shoes with skirts/dresses...

I took an Instagram poll and 83% of our followers think this trend is dope and 17% still feels the same as I did about this trend about a year ago, lol.  When attending a vendor show in Las Vegas, we witnessed so many ladies rocking this trend. I was so inspired.  It opened my eyes to just how many ways you can truly rock this look.  In some instances, it even looked a bit dressy...very bazaar...but some people made it work. This is a trend you will see on the site very soon.

Next is the cropped jeans trend... 

I started to dabble in this trend this past fall, after I absolutely hated it in Spring. It took me a long time to get over the feeling that the jeans I was wearing looked weird being that short, as if I bought the wrong size, or grew out of them...feeling like Steve Erkle. But then, I started to see the unfinished bottom on the crop pant trend and it made me like the cropped look a lot!

Utility jumpsuits... Definitely wanna get INTO this

I love no brainer outfits (outfits where you don't have to put in much thought). So jumpsuits are always my ‘go to’. You don't have to figure out what pant to wear with a top, its just a one stop shop. I like that the utility jumpsuits give an edgy but hippy look. It gives some masculinity depending on how loose it is, which I love! You can still add your feminine touch to it, with your curves filling it out, your hair & makeup, and even adding accessories...if you want. But I love the rugged look of it.


Stay tuned for the spring trends we add to the site!


Love, Jaded.

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