Energy : You Get What You Give, Sis

Jada Jones
13 May , 2020

Have you ever heard the sayings "life is an echo", "what you reap is what you sow", or how about "you get what you give"?

I like to think my life flows in levels, like a video game — sort of. There's a new challenge, and for a while I'm constantly running into walls and falling off cliffs, running out of my three lives OVER and OVER again until I master it and eventually unlock the next level.

In this level, I'm learning that you get what you give. This is something I've always highly valued, but in this phase of my life I've been tested on it. During this quarantine, I had a period where I was absolutely drained, exhausted, lazy, and unmotivated. I started to beat myself up for being unproductive, knowing damn well I have bills that have to be paid. I took the time to acknowledge my feelings with self-love and continued to sit still and think through what I needed to do so that I wouldn't dig myself into a deeper hole. I shortly got back to the grind without even realizing it. I've been putting in major work and I can finally see that I'm getting what I give.

I've also done some self-reflecting when it comes to putting in a little more effort supporting my family and friends as well as my potential network growth. My goal isn't because I want something back in return ultimately but I want to make sure I'm doing all I can to promote and build up my village. I want them to know I'm here rooting for them.

What are you giving to yourself and your village? What phase are you going through right now during this time? Leave in the comments below!


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