5 Lessons I've Learned Since Starting "Jaded"

Codify Infotech Collaborator
10 Mar , 2020

Hey Jaded Gems!


It’s been sooo long since I last posted a blog. Over a year actually... (booo)

Can we start off fresh? Ya? Yah!


Okay, so I want to share 5 major lessons I’ve learned since starting Jaded a year ago.


1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is extremely important for Jaded because of our target audience. We are targeting young millennials, so it has been imperative that we have a strong presence on social media platforms. I am still figuring this out, but gosh I’ve learned sooo much.

2. Time Management

Because of my creative spirit and tiny attention span the need for staying on a schedule/routine is critical for success in anything I do. Planners have helped a bunch but managing how I spend my time each day is where the money is. I set a task list for the week and work from that.

3. No Room for Half Stepping

I’ve never been one to choose to half step about anything, but working a 9-5 and running a small business that needs love and attention, is very difficult. Sometimes I would feel like I had no other choice but to half step with certain things within my business in order to give 100% to my 9-5. In reality, I wasn’t smart with my time management, too hard on myself, and I didn’t plan ahead with baby steps in mind.

4. Say Yes

Saying yes to meeting up with other entrepreneurs and not being afraid to be social has been one of the best things I could have done. I have made new friends, helped others and in return they helped me. That’s what it’s all about. Atlanta is a HUGE playground. You just have to be bold enough to be the first one to say “Hi, my name is ___”. And go from there. Be bold and see what comes of it.

5. Understand the Big Picture

Yes, it’s great to understand the big picture but you also must understand the materials and techniques it takes to paint the big picture.

I have always been a “big picture” thinker. I know what I want. I know some of the steps it takes to get there and I’m a hard worker. But it takes more than that to get to the end result you desire. I needed to dig into the weeds. I had to start from square one and forget about the things that I think I know. I’ve had to accept harsh and critical feedback to help myself and the business grow. I’ve had to admit to bad judgement, lack of care, and I’ve made many mistakes. I’m sure I will have even more of those moments in the future.  But it’s ALL apart of growing this machine (business).  Get in the weeds, learn, ask for feedback, and grow!



Love, Jaded.

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